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A historical industrial site changes with the times

Johannes Honegger, born in 1832, together with his brother, built in 1853 a cotton weaving mill in Hueb, a small town 2 km above Wald. In 1860 the factory burnt down and he decided to rebuild on his own, with much success. In 1873 the weaving mill «Bleiche» was built in down town Wald. Soon after, further factories followed.

«The largest enterprise in the municipality Wald closes its doors», were the headlines of the local newspaper, «Zürcher Oberländer» in the spring of 1988.

Due to economic reasons, all textile production was shut down at the «Bleiche».

With the opening of the Bleichibeiz on 20th October 1997 a new era started. Today, with a hotel, restaurant, loft apartments, wellness + spa, fitness studio, therapeutical practices, and many other small businesses, the «Bleiche Wald» has become a popular town within a town for work and leisure.

The name «Bleiche» comes from the time, when in the proximity of today’s factory site, cotton cloths were bleached in the sun.

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